What is RoverGun

RoverGun is a Massage Gun brand created after the 2014 World Cup. It was created to serve the purpose of reducing injuries and improving recovery for athletes and fitness enthusiasts around the world.
RoverGun family: 2014: 2 boys who love sports set up RoverGun
2015 Has its own Massage Gun production and assembly department
2016 in order to meet the order needs of major clubs and personalized customers, a professional custom-designed design department was established (to meet the needs of customers for various designs and a small amount of MOQ)
2017 After-sales department and product quality inspection department expanded
2019 During the outbreak of Covid-19, RoverGun organized indoor fitness for employees during home quarantine.
2020 After the resumption of production, in order to cope with the increasing transportation costs and reduce the waiting time of customers, a transportation department has been set up, which is specially responsible for the construction of overseas warehouses, mainly in the UK and Germany, and cooperates with large local agents.
2021 overseas warehouses will be added in many countries around the world, and a number of styles suitable for boys and girls have been designed.
2022 the RoverGun brand will be brought to the world, and the model of direct factory sales instead of agents will allow customers to get more favorable prices but enjoy the services of professional remote mobilizers.
In the future, RoverGun looks forward to cooperating with major clubs and gyms around the world to launch joint style enhancements
Brand benefits and serve more sports people. RoverGun will add multiple styles and multiple functions to make our Massage Gun more intelligent. RoverGun will launch its own mobile APP to let customers know more about usage and health knowledge.
Staying healthy is a long process, RoverGun is with you! ! !

Post time: May-18-2022